This is the family tree of my father Dudley John Andrews who was born on the 28th of May 1929 and died on the 18th of April 2010 at the age of 80.

Family relationships within the tree are with regards to myself, Stephen Andrews.

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Twelfth Generation (9th Great Grand Parents)

George Priddle & Mary

Samuel Priddle (1675 1750)
Samuel Priddle (1703 1774)
Henry Priddle (1738 1789)
Hannah Priddle (1779 - 1866)
Simeon Inder (1799 1880)
Ann Inder (1821 )
Elizabeth Isaac (1841 1911)
John Andrews (1883 1942)
John Henry Andrews (1907 - 1971)
Dudley John Andrews (1929 - 2010)
Stephen Michael Andrews (1959 )
Charles I (1625 1649)                                                  House of Stuart (1603 - 1706)
Rump parliament (1649 1653)                                     Interregnum (1649 - 1660)     Commonwealth of England (1649 - 1653)
Oliver Cromwell (1653 1658)                                       The Protectorate (1653 - 1658)
Richard Cromwell (1658 1659)
Charles II (1660 1685)                                                 House of Stuart (1603 - 1707) Restored
James II (1685 1688)
William III (1689 1702) and Mary II (1689 1694)
George Priddle
George is believed to be the son of John Priddle and Marie Chaffie and was born in 1645 in Tintinhull in Somerset.  He was buried on the 20th of August 1681 in Tintinhull at the age of 36. 
When George was born the English Civil War (1642 1651) was raging between the Roundheads, Parliamentarians and the Cavaliers, Royalists.
In this year in 1645;
  • 14th June, English Civil War: Battle of Naseby, 12,000 Royalist forces are beaten by 15,000 Parliamentarian soldiers;
  • 11th October, English Civil War: Re-fortification of Bourne Castle in Lincolnshire against a threatened Royalist attack begins;
  • 25th December, Christmas, being omitted from the Directory of Public Worship is not officially observed under Parliamentarian rule.
Tintinhull is a village near Yeovil in Somerset and was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.  Priddle is a not too common a Somerset name and it appears in the village from at least the middle of the 1400's to mid-1500's, acting as churchwardens, where their names are recorded as Prydell and also as baliffs of the manor.  They remained a reasonably prominent family in the life of the village, Thomas Priddle (Prydell) who died in 1546, who was a wealthy yeoman farmer in the village, is believed to be George's 2nd great grandfather.  Robert Priddle, possibly Thomas' brother was chantry priest at Woolavington in North Somerset, ending his days in Woodham Walter in Essex in 1557. 
Mary                           end of lineage
From other Ancestry trees it is believed that Mary was born in 1646 in Somerset and was buried on the 21st of June 1692 in Somerset at the age of 46.  Though no records are apparent.
In this year in 1646;
  • 5th May, King Charles I surrenders his forces to a Scottish army at Southwell in Nottinghamshire.
The only child that can be traced for George and Mary is Samuel.  The couple christened him on the 19th of July 1675 in Tintinhull.
Six years later in 1681 George died in Tintinhull at the age of 36 and Mary died eleven years later at the age of 46.
Children from this marriage were:
i.  Samuel Priddle (1675 1750)


12th Generation 13th Generation 14th Generation  
9th Great Grandparents
10th Great Grandparents
11th Great Grandparents
John Prydell (1568 - 1633)
John Priddle (1613 - 1659)
Agnes Bursey* (1576 - 1633)
George Priddle (1645 - 1681)
Robert Chaffie (1592 - )
Marie Chaffie (1616 - 1653)
Magnest* (1590 - )
Mary* (1646 - 1692)