This is the family tree of my father Dudley John Andrews who was born on the 28th of May 1929 and died on the 18th of April 2010 at the age of 80.

Family relationships within the tree are with regards to myself.

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Eighth Generation (5th Great Grandparents)

Richard Peet & Elizabeth - End of lineage
Richard Peet (1788 17/1/1865)
George Peet (1826 Before 13/10/1894)
Henry Peet (1850 1889)
Florence Louisa Winterbotham Peet (1879 1957)
John Henry Andrews (1907 1971)
Dudley John Andrews (1929 2010)
Stephen Michael Andrews (1959 )
George III (1760 1820)                   House of Hanover (1714 - 1901)
George IV (1820 1830)
William IV (1830 1837)
Victoria (1837 1901)
Nothing is known about Richard and Elizabeth other than that they are the parents of Richard Peet who was born in 1788.  It is assumed that they are from Nottinghamshire and would have been born about 1760.


8th Generation 9th Generation 10th Generation  
5th Great Grandparents 6th Great Grandparents 7th Great Grandparents  
Richard Peet* (About 1760 - )      
Elizabeth* ( - )