This is the family tree of my father Dudley John Andrews who was born on the 28th of May 1929 and died on the 18th of April 2010 at the age of 80.

Family relationships within the tree are with regards to myself.

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Seventh Generation (4th Great Grandparents)

Richard Peet & Elizabeth Plowright
George Peet (1826 – Before 13/10/1894)
Henry Peet (1850 – 1889)
Florence Louisa Winterbotham Peet (1879 – 1957)
John Henry Andrews (1907 – 1971)
Dudley John Andrews (1929 – 2010)
Stephen Michael Andrews (1959 – )
George III (1760 – 1820)                   House of Hanover (1714 - 1901)
George IV (1820 – 1830)
William IV (1830 – 1837)
Victoria (1837 – 1901)
Richard Peet
Richard is the son of Richard Peet and Elizabeth and was born in 1788 in Nottingham.  He was baptised on the 19th of April 1788 in St. Peter's in Nottingham.  Richard died on the 17th of January 1865 in the Union Workhouse in Nottingham at the age of 77, though the death certificate says 68.  It could be that the informant of his death, Thomas Swanwick was mistaken about how old Richard was.  He was buried five days later on the 22nd in Nottingham General Cemetery.  From his death certificate the cause of death was bronchitis. 
In this year, 1788;
  • 26th January, Arthur Phillip, the commander of six transports carrying 736 convicts found the natural harbour of Botany Bay in Australia.
  • 31st January, in Rome, Charles Stuart aka Bonnie Prince Charlie died.
White's Directory of Nottingham 1853 describes the St. Peter's parish;
"St. Peter's parish, the smallest of the three parishes of Nottingham, is encompassed by St Mary's and St Nicholas' parishes, and averages about 450 yards in length and 200 in breadth.  It extends from Timber Hill, the Poultry and Bottle Lane, to the north bank of the Leen; and is bounded on the east by Sussex Street, Middle Hill, Middle Pavement, and the buildings behind Market Street and Fletchergate; and on the west by Greyfriargate, the Independent Chapel and friends' Meeting House, and the north end of Friar Lane.  Its principal streets are Bridlesmithgate, Timber Hill and the Poultry. Its public edifices are the Parish Church and the Assembly Rooms.
The Church St Peter's Church stands upon the declivity which falls westward from Bridlesmithgate to the foot of Wheelergate, Houndsgate, and the Low Pavement.  It is a Gothic structure with a tower at the west end, supporting a spire, and containing a peal of eight bells cast in 1771, and said to be the best attuned and the most melodious of any within many miles."
[White's Directory of Nottinghamshire 1853]
On the 23rd of September 1810 22 year-old Richard and 25 year-old Elizabeth were married in the Anglican church of St. Mary’s on High Pavement in Nottingham.  Their marriage is recorded in Pallot's marriage index for England, 1780-1837 given as Richd. Peat and Eliz. Plowright – St Mary's Nottingham 1810.  Just over a year after the wedding the couple were celebrating the baptism of their son James Baker Peet on the 29th of November 1811 after his birth earlier that month.  He was baptised in St. Mary's on High Pavement.

St. Peter's Church about 1850

St. Peter's Church about 1890
Three years later in 1814 with the family now residing in Cypress Street, Nottingham the couple had another son Robert Plowright Peet.  They baptised him on the 12th of April 1814 once again the couple used St. Mary’s.  Cypress Street though no longer exists.  However, his grave in America states that he was born on this day.
Another five years passed until the baptism of their next child, William on the 18th of July 1819 again at St. Mary's.  Three years later on the 17th of March 1822 their daughter Hannah Baddeley Peet was christened in St. Mary’s.  The record shows that their residence at the time was in Count Street, Nottingham.  Count Street also no longer exists but it was off Barker Gate which is opposite to where the Motorpoint Arena and National Ice Stadium entrance is.
However Hannah is likely to have died as an infant, since just over a year later Hannah Maria Peet was christened on the 28th of December 1823, also in St. Mary’s.  It is unlikely that Richard and Elizabeth would have named a second child Hannah if the first had survived.
On the 8th of March 1824 their son Charles Henry was born.  Charles emigrated to America and his obituary is given at the end of this document.  His grave in Leavenworth County in Kansas gives his date of birth and he is named as Charles Henry Peet, Sr,
On the 22nd of January 1826 Richard and Elizabeth baptised their son George once again at the Anglican church of St. Mary in Nottingham, again the record shows that their residence at the time was in Count Street.  There is believed to be another child, Mary Ann but all that is known about her is that she would have been born after the date of her parents wedding in 1810.
On the 4th of March 1831 the couple’s son, James Baker married Amelia Bates Fossitt in the Parish of St. Mary’s in Nottingham.  Four years later on the 2nd of March 1835 their son Robert Plowright married Thirza Bailey in Radford in Nottingham.
By 1841 the couple had moved to Newark on Trent in possibly Fine Street or Hine Street.  It is difficult to make the address out on the census.  At present there isn't a Hine Street but there is a Hine Avenue in Newark.  On the 1841 census both Richard and Elizabeth are listed as 50 years olds i.e. their year of births are 1791, however it isn't uncommon for the census to have ages out by a few years, as indeed are the ages of the children. 
Richard Peet 50 Head Frame work knitter
Elizabeth Peet 50 Wife  
William Peet 20    
Hannah Marie Peet 15    
Charles Henry Peet 13    
Shurgsy 27    
Robert 5    
George 3    
Eliza 6mts    
Elizabeth Staples 80    
Ellen Hardy 20    
The census shows that the couple and their family were also living with a female with a transcription interpreted as Shurgsy 27, Robert 5, George 3, Eliza 6 months and as these three children have been listed after Shurgsy they could be her children.  Also there are Elizabeth Staples 80 and Ellen Hardy aged 20.  Since the 1841 census does not contain too much detail except the names and occupations of members of a household it is not known what the connection is with Elizabeth Staples and Ellen Hardy.  However, in the last quarter of 1841 there is a marriage recorded between their son William and Ellen Hardy in Nottingham.
That marriage saw 22 year-old William marry 20 year-old Ellen Hardy in Radford in Nottingham, so it is likley that Ellen came from the Radford area of Nottingham. 
1845 saw the marriage of their daughter, 22 year-old Hannah Maria to 21 year-old Edward Pheasey and this is recorded as J/A/S 1845 Nottingham Vol 15 Page 809.
A year later in 1846 their youngest child, 20 year-old George married 16 year-old Charlotte Lacy in Newark.
St. Mary, Nottingham
Between 1841 and 1850 their son, Charles Henry emigrated to America and in 1850 married Elizabeth Jane Keene in New Brighton in Pennsylvania.
In 1848 there is a Richard Peet who is a frame work knitter living in Carlton according to Lascelles and Hagar's Directory of Nottingham.
In 1851 it Richard Peet is now widowed and living in Narrow Marsh in Nottingham.  He is working as a frame work knitter but his age is given as 66 and not 63.
Relationship to
Head of Family
Richard Peet Head 66 Widowed Frame work knitter Nottingham
Richard's son, James, who had been working as a Victualler, died on the 29th of June 1859 at 47 Derby Road in Nottingham at the age of 47.
By 1861 Richard, now aged 75 and classed as a weaver, is at the home of his daughter Hannah Maria and the Pheasey family in Bakewell, Derbyshire.  Edward his son-in-law, aged 35, is the Head of the family and works as a tailor and grocer.    
Relationship to
Head of Family
Edward Pheasey Head 35 Married Tailor and Grocer Bakewell, Derbyshire
Hannah Pheasey Wife 38 Married   Nottingham
Eliza Pheasey Daughter   Single    
Ann Pheasey Daughter   Single    
Robert Pheasey Son   Single    
Richard Peet Father in law 75 Widowed Weaver Nottingham
George Blackwell Visitor        
By the time of his death about four years later on the 17th of January 1865 Richard must have fallen on hard times as he was in the Union Workhouse in Outgang Lane in Radford.  The informant of his death was Thomas Swanwick.  His age is given as 68 years, the discrepancy in the age could be because it should have been 78, or of course this may not be the same Richard Peet.
The Union workhouse had been built in 1837/38 on the south side of Outgang Lane, which is now Hartley Road.  It cost £2600 to construct and could accommodate 200 inmates.  The buildings design is based on a cruciform layout that was popular in the design of workhouses.  The Radford workhouse was closed in 1880.  The map below is from 1913.
On the 27th of January 1865 the Nottinghamshire Guardian had the following notice;
On the 17th inst., Mr. Richard Peet, late of Rancliffe-street, aged 79.
Noted events in his life were:
*  Living: 12th April 1814, Cypress Street, Nottingham.
*  Living: 17th March 1822, Count Street, Nottingham.
*  Living: 22nd January 1826, Count Street, Nottingham.
*  Living: 1841, Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire.  Possibly Fine Street or Hine Street.
*  He worked as a frame work knitter in 1841.
*  Living: 1861, Bakewell, Derbyshire.
*  He worked as a weaver in 1861.
*  Living: 1865, Rancliffe Street.
*  Living: 17th January 1865, Union Workhouse, Outgang Lane, Radford, Nottingham.
*  He worked as a frame work knitter on 17th January 1865.
Union Workshouse


Elizabeth Plowright
Elizabeth is the daughter of John Plowright and Ann Farrands and was born in 1785 in West Bridgford, Nottingham.  She was christened on the 15th of May 1785 in St. Giles Anglican church in West Bridgford and she is believed to have died on the 3rd of November in 1876 at the age of 91. 
St. Giles is a medieval church that needed renovation in 1872 and again between 1896 and 1911.  The church at the time of Elizabeth’s christening would be quite different to how it looks today as little of the medieval church remains.
There is some confusion as to the date of Elizabeth’s death.  Initially it was thought to be the 3rd of November 1876 when she was 91, but Richard was a widower by 1851.  There is a website francis genealogy that has her date of death as September 1847 in St. Marys, Nottingham at the age of 62.  If so this would be J/A/S 1847 Vol 15 Page 376.
There is also an Elizabeth Peet who died in Newark J/F/M 1848 Vol 15 Page 465.  Details of Elizabeth were originally found on Gencircles ruthmcarthur
On the 1841 census her age is given as 50 therefore her date of birth would be about 1791.
It has not been possible to trace her in the 1851 or 1861 census’ so probably one of the two deaths maybe hers, also in 1851 her husband Richard is classed as a widower.
On Pallot's Marriage index for England, 1780 – 1837, her husband is given as Richd Peat, and stamped St. Mary's Nottingham 1810.  According to the Nottinghamshire marriage records 1428 – 1929 Elizabeth was an Anglican
Noted events in her life were:
*  Living: 12th April 1814, Cypress Street, Nottingham.
*  Living: 17th March 1822, Count Street, Nottingham.
*  Living: 22nd January 1826, Count Street, Nottingham.
*  Living: 1841, Newark On Trent, Nottinghamshire.  Possibly Fine Street or Hine Street.
Richard and Elizabeth married on the 23rd of September 1810 in St Mary's, Nottingham. 
Children from this marriage were:
i.        Mary Ann Peet – (After 1810 - )
ii.       James Baker Peet – (Nov 1811 – 29/6/1859)
iii.      Robert Plowright Peet – (1814 – 10/6/1896)
iv.      William Peet – (1819 – 5/12/1900)
v.       Hannah Baddeley Peet – (1822 – 1822)
vi.      Hannah Marie Peet – (1823 – 1907)
vii.     Charles Henry Peet – (8/3/1824 – 26/1/1909)
viii.   George Peet – (22/1/1826 – Before 13/10/1894)
St. Giles Church 1894

St. Giles Church 1912
Charles Henry Peet – (8/3/1824 – 26/1/1909)
Charles was born on the 8th of March 1824 in Nottingham.  In 1841 he was living with his parents in Newark on Trent in Nottinghamshire.  Charles emigrated to America some time between 1841 and the time of his marriage on the 5th of January 1850 to Elizabeth Jane Keane (1830 - 1902) in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.
Charles and Elizabeth had eight children, four boys and four girls between 1851 and 1870.
i.        Elizabeth Peet – (1851 - )
ii.       George Blucher Peet – (1855 – 1894)
iii.      Mary Ann Peet – (1857 – 1937)
iv.      Louisa Jane Peet – (1860 – 1914)
v.       Groucher Beauregard Peet – (1863 – 1939)
vi.      Annie M Peet – (1865 – 1870)
vii.     Charles Henry Peet – (1868 – 1928)
viii.    William R Peet – (1870 – )
Nine years later the family settled in Leavenworth in Kansas State in 1859, approximately 1000 miles west of New Brighton.
Upon his death the following obituaries were in the Leavenworth Times.

Charles Peet, 86 years old, died of senility at the home of his daughter, Mrs. D.W. McBride, 105 Scott Street, yesterday morning at 3:00.  Mr. Peet settled in Leavenworth County in 1859.  During the early years of the war, Peet owned and operated a coal mine on Little Stranger and supplied Fort Leavenworth with coal.  After the war, he bought a grocery store on the corner of 2nd and Pawnee Streets, which he kept until 1898, when he sold out and started another grocery store on 1900 S. 4th Street, which he owned at the time of his death.  Charles Peet was born in Nottingham, England, March 8, 1824.  He received his education in the common schools there.  And after he came to America, he graduated from the miner's school in Pennsylvania.  In 1850, he married Miss Elizabeth Keene in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Peet died in 1902.  Mr. Peet is survived by 3 daughters:  Mrs. W.B. Thomas of Como, Colorado; Mrs. D.W. McBride, Mrs. John Watson, and 3 sons: H.B. Peet, C.H. Peet, and William Peet of Leavenworth. 

Charles Peet, age 86 years, died yesterday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. McBride, on Scott Street.  Mr. Peet came to this county in 1859, before the war, and for a time, operated a coal mine out on Big Stranger.  He used to supply Fort Leavenworth with coal.  Later he bought a grocery store at 2nd and Pawnee Streets.  In 1898, he moved out onto South 4th Street.  Charles Peet was born in Nottingham, England, March 8, 1824.  He was educated in the schools there, and after his arrival in this country, graduated from a miner's school in Philadelphia.  He is survived by three daughters: Mrs. W.B. Thomas, of Como, Colorado; Mrs. D.W. McBride; Mrs. John Watson; and three sons, H.B. Peet, C.H. Peet, and William Peet of Leavenworth.     --Leavenworth Times 27 January 1909


The funeral of the late Mr. Chas. Peet will be held from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. D[avid] W[illiam] McBride, 105 Scott street, at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The services will be conducted by Rev. Cartwright and interment will be in Mt. Muncie cemetery. Friends of the family are invited.

From The Leavenworth Post, Wednesday, January 27, 1909.


7th Generation 8th Generation 9th Generation  
4th Great Grandparents 5th Great Grandparents 6th Great Grandparents  
  Richard Peet* (About 1760 - )    
Richard Peet (1788 - 1865)      
  Elizabeth* ( - )    
    Harrould Plowright (1705 - 1783)  
  John Plowright (1755 - 1788)    
    Elizabeth Dodsley (1713 - 1768)  
Elizabeth Plowright (1785 - Before 1851)      
    William Farrands (1717 - 1783)  
  Ann Farrands (1759 - 1805)    
    Sarah Flewitt (1724 - 1806)