This is the family tree of my father Dudley John Andrews who was born on the 28th of May 1929 and died on the 18th of April 2010 at the age of 80.

Family relationships within the tree are with regards to myself, Stephen Andrews.

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Ninth Generation (6th Great Grand Parents)

Joseph Inder & Elizabeth Bristow

Samuel Inder (1763 – 1838)
Simeon Inder (1799 – 1880)
Ann Inder (1821 – )
Elizabeth Isaac (1841 – 1911)
John Andrews (1883 – 1942)
John Henry Andrews (1907 - 1971)
Dudley John Andrews (1929 - 2010)
Stephen Michael Andrews (1959 – )
George II (1727 – 1760)                House of Hanover (1714 - 1901)
George III (1760 – 1820)
Joseph Inder
Joseph is the son of Ambrose Inder and Mary Stuckey and was born in 1730 in Kingsbury Episcopi in Somerset.  He died in 1789 in Kingsbury Episcopi at the age of 59. 
In this year in 1730;
  • The Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh is founded;
  • Mathematician John Hadley invents an “octant”; known as ‘Hadley’s quadrant’, to estimate positions at sea.
Kingsbury Episcopi is a village and civil parish on the River Parrett in Somerset.  The parish includes the villages of West Lambrook, East Lambrook and Thorney.  It is just two miles north of East Lambrook.  The "Episcopi" part of the village's name means "of the Bishop" in Latin.  It refers to the fact that the village belonged to the Bishop of Bath and Wells and not the nearby abbey at Muchelney.
Joseph, a husbandman, married Elizabeth Bristow on the 6th of December 1762 in Kingsbury Episcopi, after banns had been published on the 14th, 21st and 28th of November.  The certificate was signed with Elizabeth’s mark.
It is thought that within five months of the marriage Elizabeth gave birth to their first child, Samuel on the 9th of April 1763 in East Lambrook, which is just two miles south of Kingsbury Episcopi.  However, his burial record suggests that he was born in 1773.
Isaac was born in 1767 in East Lambrook and the following year another son, Stephen was born.
In 1770 they had another child, Mary in South Petherton.  Five years later they had another son, Thomas in East Lambrook.
It is believed by some family trees on Ancestry that they had another son, Noah in 1783, however this would mean that Elizabeth would have been 53 years-old at the time of the birth.  Though possible very unlikely.
Mary their daughter died in 1786 at the age of just 16.
At the age of 59 Joseph died in 1789 in Kingsbury Episcopi, unfortunately he did not live long enough to see any of his children marry.
On the 31st of January 1792, after banns were published on the 1st, 8th and 15th of January, their son Isaac married Thomazin Harvey in Kingsbury Episcopi.  Isaac was working as a husbandman at the time of the marriage and both he and Thomazin signed the certificate with their marks.
On the 25th of February 1799 their son, Thomas married Jean Bonning in St. Martin, the parish church of Kingsbury Episcopi.
On the 9th of April 1799, their eldest child, 36 year-old Samuel married 20 year-old Hannah Priddle in Kingsbury Episcopi.
Later in the year, on the 15th of December, their son, Stephen married Betty Mote in Kingsbury Episcopi.  Both signed the certificate with their marks.
Children from this marriage were:
i.     Samuel Inder – (9/4/1763 – 1838)
ii.    Isaac Inder – (1767 – 12/5/1838)
iii.   Stephen Inder – (1768 – 14/7/1833)
iv.   Mary Inder – (1770 – 1786)
v.   Thomas Inder – (1775 – 1852)
St. Martin's Church, Kingsbury Episcopi
Elizabeth Bristow
Elizabeth is the daughter of William Bristow and Edith Russell and was born in 1730 in West Coker in Somerset.  It isn’t known when she died.  Though there is an Elizabeth Inder who was buried on the 25th of February 1800 in Kingsbury Episcopi.
West Coker is about ten miles south-east of Kingsbury Episcopi.  The name Coker comes from Coker Water, which is from "crooked stream" from the Celtic Kukro.  Artifacts have been found from an early settlement in the parish which include a polished stone axe and boat shaped-bronze brooch. A Roman villa has also been excavated and a bronze plate inscribed to the god Mars discovered.  
The manor descended with its neighbour East Coker until the 14th century when it passed to a junior branch of the Courtenay family.  It was later held by the Dukes of Somerset and Northumberland protectors of Edward VI and later still by the Portmans of Orchard Portman.  The original manor house burned down during an attack in the Wars of the Roses, although the current hamstone manor house has medieval origins, the earliest surviving portions probably being of around 1500. It is a grade I listed building.
The village had a long history of growing hemp and flax for sailcloth manufacture, which made "Coker Canvas" highly prized by naval captains during the Napoleonic Wars.  
Elizabeth married Joseph Inder on 6th December 1762 in Kingsbury Episcopi. 


9th Generation 10th Generation 11th Generation  
6th Great Grandparents
7th Great Grandparents
8th Great Grandparents
    John Inder (1653 - 17/1/1723)  
  Ambrose Inder (1698 - )    
    Ann Sprackton* (1655 - 20/7/1740)  
Joseph Inder (1730 - 1789)      
    Samuel Stuckey* (1677 - )  
  Mary Stuckey (1704 - 15/2/1774)    
    Martha Willey* (1682 - 1751)  
    William Bristow (1672 - 1704)  
  William Bristow (1697 - )    
    Mary Allin (1677 - )  
Elizabeth Bristow (1730 - )      
  Edith Russell* (1701 - )