This is the family tree of my father Dudley John Andrews who was born on the 28th of May 1929 and died on the 18th of April 2010 at the age of 80.

Family relationships within the tree are with regards to myself, Stephen Andrews.

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Ninth Generation (6th Great Grand Parents)

David Andrews & Thomasin Glasse

David Andrews (1756 - 1824)
Thomas Andrews (1789 - )
William Andrews (1818 - )
John Andrews (1843 - 1922)
John Andrews (1883 – 1942)
John Henry Andrews (1907 - 1971)
Dudley John Andrews (1929 - 2010)
Stephen Andrews (1959 - )
George I (1714 – 1727)
George II (1727 – 1760)
George III (1760 – 1820)
David Andrews
David is the son of Thomas Andrews and Mary Vinnicomb and was born in 1721 and was baptised on the 11th of February 1721 in Morchard Bishop in Devon.  He died in 1783, at the age of 62, and was buried on the 22nd of June in Morchard Bishop.
In this year, 1721;
  • 9th February, Edmund Halley is appointed astronomer royal;
  • 3rd April, Robert Walpole is appointed first lord of the treasury and chancellor of the exchequer, in effect prime minister by parliament.
Morchard Bishop is a large village on the old turnpike road linking Barnstaple and Crediton. The recorded history of the village goes back to at least 1165 when the Bishop of  Exeter purchased the manor here.  In 1548 Edward VI forced the bishop to hand the manor over to Sir Thomas Darcy.
The heyday of Morchard was the 18th century, when population reached approximately 2,000.  When a new turnpike road was built along the valley bottom in the 1820s it diverted visitors away from the village and as a result the population dropped by half by 1901. 

In the village is the 15th-16th century church of St Mary's.  There was an early medieval church here, but this was rebuilt beginning in the mid-15th century.  Bishop Lacy of Exeter took a personal interest in the 15th century rebuilding, and in 1451 he granted an indulgence (a remission for sins) to anyone who gave money or labour to the rebuilding work or the church furnishings.

Almost the entire church dates from the late medieval and Tudor period, with the exception of the panelled and plastered chancel, which was rebuilt in the 18th century.  The east window contains colourful 18th century glass.  Below the window is the altar, with a finely carved late 18th century wooden reredos flanked by Ionic pilasters.  In an oval panel atop the reredos is an inscription reading 'This do in Remembrance of me'.  The altar rails were crafted in 1768 by W. Stribling.  In the north aisle is a 17th century oak chest with an arcaded front design.

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David and Thomasin were married on the 14th of August 1744 in Morchard, quite likely to have been in St. Mary's.  Within a year the couple were celebrating the birth of their first child, Thomas in 1745.  They baptised him on the 31st of March that year in Morchard.
Mary, the couple’s second child, was born in 1748 and christened on the 11th of December that year in Morchard.  Another four years passed until the birth of their second daughter, Elizabeth in 1752 who was baptised on the 1st of October that year, once again in Morchard.
Again another four years pass until another child can be traced, on the 12th of September 1756 the couple baptise another son, David in Morchard.  Yet another four years later in 1760 they baptised another son, John on the 3rd of February in Morchard as usual.  Then finally on the 6th of February 1763 they christened their last child, William in Morchard.
On the 7th of December 1769 David and Thomasn celebrated the wedding the of their eldest son, 24 year-old Thomas to another 24 year-old, Elizabeth Hall in Sandford in Devon, some six miles south of Morchard.  The couple went on to have five children.
Ten years later and there is another wedding in the family when on the 5th of April 1779 their son, 23 year-old David married 24 year-old Jane Bennet in Morchard.
On the 22nd of June 1783 David passed away at the age of 62, he was buried in Morchard.  A year and a half later on the 16th of January 1785 Thomasin died and was laid to rest also in Morchard at the age of 68.
It would appear that both David and Thomasin spent their whole lives in Morchard Bishop.
Children from this marriage were:
i.     Thomas Andrews – (1745 - )
ii.    Mary Andrews – (1748 - )
iii.   Elizabeth Andrews – (1752 - )
iv.   David Andrews – (1756 – 14/3/1824)
v.    John Andrews – (1760 – 13/10/1811)
vi.   William Andrews – (1763 - )
Thomasin Glasse
Thomasin is the daughter of Thomas Glasse and Charitie Collings, and is believed to have been born on the 11th of May 1717 in Morchard Bishop in Devon.  She was baptised six months later on the 5th of November 1717 in Morchard Bishop.  Thomasin died on 16th January 1785 in Morchard Bishop, at the age of 68. 
Another name for Thomasin was Thomazin, also Glass.
In this year, 1717;
  • 24th June, Grand Lodge of London and Westminster, the first Freemasonic Grand Lodge (now the United Grand Lodge of England) is founded;
  • 17th July, George Frideric Handel's Water Music is performed on a barge on the River Thames for King George I.
Thomasin married David Andrews on 14th August 1744 in Morchard Bishop, Devon.
Before marrying David, Thomasin had had a child who unfortunately died after one week.  He was born in 1741 and was baptised on 30th of March 1741 in Morchard and died on the 5th of April 1741.
i.     James Glass – (1741 – 1741)


9th Generation 10th Generation 11th Generation  
6th Great Grandparents 7th Great Grandparents 8th Great Grandparents  
    Christopher Andrews* (27/10/1664 - )  
  Thomas Andrews (1680 - 19/3/1749)    
David Andrews (1721 - 22/6/1783)      
    John Vinnicomb (1649 - )  
  Mary Vinnicomb (1676 - 26/5/1741)    
    Joane Godfree* (1650 - )  
    Christopher Glasse (1664 - 6/4/1718)  
  Thomas Glasse (1694 - 1/6/1740)    
    Honor Evans (1663 - 24/4/1724)  
Thomasin Glasse (11/5/1717 - 16/1/1785)      

Charitie Collings* (1695 - )