This is the family tree of my father Dudley John Andrews who was born on the 28th of May 1929 and died on the 18th of April 2010 at the age of 80.

Family relationships within the tree are with regards to myself, Stephen Andrews.

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Sixth Generation (3rd Great Grand Parents)

William Andrews & Jane Woodhoust

John Andrews (1843 - 1922)
John Andrews (1883 – 1942)
John Henry Andrews (1907 - 1971)
Dudley John Andrews (1929 - 2010)
Stephen Michael Andrews (1959 - )
George III (1760 - 1820)                 House of Hanover (1714 - 1901)
George IV (1820 - 1830)
William IV (1830 - 1837)
Victoria (1837 – 1901)                   
Edward VII (1901 - 1910)               House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1901 - 1917) and Windsor (from 1917) 
William Andrews
William is the son of Thomas Andrews and Mary Lee and was baptised on the 8th of February 1818 in Morchard Bishop in Devon.  He died between 1891 and 1901.
In this year, 1818;
  • 25th September, in London, Dr James Blundell carries out the first blood transfusion using human blood;
  • Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein is published.
At present it isn’t known when William and Jane were married however on the 21st of February 1841 there is a baptism for Mary Jane Andrews in Morchard Bishop, who it is believed was born in the previous December.  On the 1841 census there is only one entry that appears to have the family of three on it.  However William's age does not tally if he was baptised in 1818.  It is for the village of Shobrooke in Devon which is just eight miles from Morchard Bishop.  The family appear to be sharing a house with the Chudley family;
Name Age Profession
John Chudley 25 Agricultural Labourer
Ann Chudley  30  
James Chudley 4  
William Andrews 20 Agricultural Labourer
Jane Andrews 20  
Mary Andrews 6 mths  

1843 was a year of mixed emotions for William and Jane as their daughter Mary Jane sadly died in the second quarter of the year, but Jane gave birth to a son, John in Exeter St Davids.  Exeter St. Davids is about 15 miles south-east of Morchard Bishop.

Three years later in 1846 and the couple celebrated the birth of Sarah Ann in Stoke Canon in Devon, which is just four miles from Exeter St. Davids.

In 1851 the family home is in Stoke Canon in Devon.
Relation to
Head of Family
Condition Age Occupation Place of birth
William Andrews Head Married 32 Railway labourer Morchard Bishop
Jane Andrews Wife Married 30   n k
John Andrews Son   7   Exeter St. Davids
Sarah Anne Andrews Daughter   4   Devon Stoke Canon
Mary Andrews Mother   60   Devon Crediton
Six years after the birth of Sarah Ann the couple celebrated the birth of George in 1852 in Stoke Canon and he was followed in 1854 by James who was born in Sampford Peverell in Devon, some 15 miles north-east of Stoke Canon.

Three years later and Mary Emma was born in Sampford Peverell in 1857 and in 1859 the couple had another child, William J also in Sampford Peverell.  The 1861 census shows that the family living in Sampford Peverell, however John has already left the family home and Sarah Anne, at the age of 13, is already working as a servant and is living at her place of employment.  William is now working on the Taunton to Barnstaple railway, though the census gives it as the Bristol & Exeter railway;

Relation to
Head of Family
Condition Age Occupation Place of birth
William Andrews Head Married 42 Labourer on Bristol & Exeter Railway Morchard Bishop
Jane Andrews Wife Married 40    
George Andrews Son   9 Scholar Stoke Canon
James Son   7 Scholar Sampford Peverell
Mary E Andrews Daughter   4   Sampford Peverel
William J Andrews Son   2   Sampford Peverel

Sampford Peverell is a village Devon, England.  Its name reflects its inclusion in the Honour of Peverel, the lands of William Peverel and his family.  His great-grandson, Hugh Peverell (the name had changed spelling), is buried in the village church of St John the Baptist.  The two rectories were built in 1836, at the expense of the Grand Western Canal Company, in compensation for cutting through the grounds and demolishing the south wing of the Old Rectory which had been built for the use of Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII.  

Despite working on the railways it wasn’t until 1932 that the Great Western Railway opened a station at Sampford Peverell, but it closed on the 5th of October 1964.

In 1863 the couple had another daughter, Eliza in Sampford Peverell and in 1864 William and Jane celebrated the wedding of their 18 year-old daughter Sarah Ann.  She married 22 year-old James Bennett in St. Thomas in Exeter in Devon.  Unfortunately Sarah Ann was widowed eight years later in 1872, though the couple did have two children.  She was to remarry and have another three children.
On Christmas Day 1864 William witnessed the marriage of his son John and Elizabeth Isaac.  He signed with 'the mark of William Andrews' which suggests that he was illiterate.
On the 2nd of February 1865 the couple celebrated the birth of another daughter who they named after her mother, Jane in Sampford Peverell.  Finally the couple had their tenth and last child, Elizabeth who was born later that year in 1865 in Sampford Peverell.
On the 1871 census William and Jane appear as ‘Andress’.  With them at home which is now in Allerford in Hillfarance in Somerset on the night of the census are their three youngest children and a boarder.  Hillfarrance is about 15 miles east of Sampford Peverell.  This census is the first to show that Jane was born in Kent.  By this time William has stopped working on the railways and is now labouring on farms;
Relation to
Head of Family
Condition Age Occupation Place of birth
William Andrews Head Married 50 Agricultural Labourer Morchard Bishop Devon
Jane Andrews Wife Married 49   Kent
William J Andrews Son   10   Sampford Peverel Devon
Jane Andrews Daughter   7   Sampford Peverel Devon
Elizabeth Andrews Daughter   6   Sampford Peverel Devon
Emma Bennett Boarder   22   Upton Pyne Devon

Unusually the census does not state that the children are scholars, other children on the census are, so it is possible that they were not going to school.  It is unknown as to who Emma Bennett is and why she too hasn't got an occupation to help in the household finances.  It could be that Emma is related to James Bennett, possibly a sister, who is married to their daughter Sarah Ann.  Also in 1871 their daughter, Eliza who is a scholar, is at the home of her sister, Sarah Ann.

The following year, on the 19th of August 1872 their son-in-law, James Bennett the husband of Sarah Ann, died and his death was registered in Taunton.  She remarried shortly afterwards, it is thought in 1873, to a Scotsman, James Clapperton.

At the parish church in Bishops Hull in Somerset on the 11th of May 1875 the couple’s 18 year-old daughter, Mary Emma married 28 year-old labourer Henry Chafey.  According to the certificate at the time of the wedding William was working as a labourer.  Mary Emma signed the certificate showing that she was literate, though Henry signed with his mark.  The couple both lived in Bishops Hull at the time of the wedding, which is just three miles east of Hillfarrance.

Mary Emma's wedding was followed in 1877 their son, 25 year-old George married 17 year-old Rosaman M. Collins in Newton Abbott, Devon.

By 1881 their daughter Eliza has married a man twice her age.  The 1881 census shows that she 20 years-old and is living with her sister, Sarah Ann and is married to 40 year-old American Henry Miller, a spirits merchant. 

The 1881 census shows that the only children still living at home are William and Elizabeth, presumably at the same address in Hillfarrance, though the census does not show any more detail,

Relation to
Head of Family
Condition Age Occupation Place of birth
William Andrews Head Married 65 Agricultural Labourer Morchard Bishop Devon
Jane Andrews Wife Married 62   Kent
William Andrews Son Unmarried 22 Groom Sampford Peverel Devon
Elizabeth Andrews Daughter Unmarried 16 Domestic Servant Sampford Peverel Devon

In 1884 their son, William J who was 25 years-old married 20 year-old Bessie Elizabeth Bussell at St. Thomas in Devon.  Two years later in 1886 the couple’s 22 year-old daughter, Jane married 22 year-old William Bugbird in Lambeth in London.  On the 9th of September 1888 the couple were celebrating the baptism of their granddaughter Rosa Elizabeth Bugbird in Hillfarance.  Their daughter Jane and her postman husband William Bugbird were living in Norwood in London at the time but decided to have the baptism of their first child in Hillfarance, presumably so they were near to her parents.

Just the week before on the 2nd of September 1888 their 23 year-old daughter, Elizabeth married 19 year-old postman, William Charles Oaten at the parish church of St. Mary’s in Taunton in Somerset.  Elizabeth’s father was still working as a labourer.
The 1891 census states that William and Jane lived in Canal Cottage, a four room house in the parish of Oake in Somerset.  It is in the ecclesiastical district of Hillfarrance.  They appear to be in the same building as their daughter, Emma and her husband Henry Chaffey (Chafey), though they are listed as separate households on the census;
Relation to
Head of Family
Condition Age Occupation Place of birth
William Andrews Head Married 73 Agricultural Labourer Morchard Bishop Devon
Jane Andrews Wife Married 71   Kent
Henry Chaffey Head Married 40 Agricultural Labourer West Buckland, Somerset
Emma Chaffey Wife Married 34   Sampford Peverel Devon
Maud Chaffey Daughter Single 9   Bishops Hull, Somerset
William Chaffey Son Single 7   Hillfarrance, Somerset
Samuel Chaffey Son Single 3   Hillfarrance, Somerset

It is believed that about 1893 Henry Chafey died, though it has not been possible at present to prove that.  In 1895 their widowed daughter Mary Emma Chafey remarried.  The marriage to widower, 45 year-old Alfred Marshall who was a carpenter took place in Taunton in Somerset.

Just after the turn of the century, on the 7th of March 1900, the couple's 35 year-old daughter, Elizabeth was widowed when her husband William Charles Oaten died at 14 Victoria Street in Taunton at the age of just 31. 

William died before 1901 as Jane is a widow living with their son William J and his family in Burton Place in Wilton, Taunton in Somerset;

Relation to
Head of Family
Condition Age Occupation Place of birth
William J Andrews Head Married 41 Groom Sampford Peverel Devon
Bessie E Andrews Wife Married 37 Laundress Otterford, Somerset
Mabel J Andrews Daughter Single 15 Domestic Servant Taunton, Somerset
Jane Andrews Mother Widow 81   Kent
In 1870-72, John Marius Wilson's Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales described Wilton like this:
WILTON, a parish in Taunton district, Somerset; partly within Taunton borough. It includes a SW suburb of Taunton, and contains Somerset county jail. Post town, Taunton. Acres, 700. Real property, £5,034. Pop. in 1861, 1,030,-of whom 818 were within T. borough, and 121 in the county jail. Houses, 157. The living is a vicarage in the diocese of Bath and Wells. Value, £138.* Patron, J. H. Kinglake, Esq. The church is early English. Charities, £8.”

In 1903 their twice married daughter, Mary Emma Marshall died at the age of 46.  Five years later their daughter, 43 year-old Elizabeth Oaten died and was buried on the 5th of March 1908.

Since Jane was on the 1901 census and cannot be found on the 1911 census then it is assumed that she died between these dates.

Noted events in William's life were:
*  Living: 1851, Stoke Canon, Devon. 
*  He worked as a railway labourer in 1851.
*  Living: 1861, Sampford Peverell, Devon. 
*  He worked as a labourer on Bristol & Exeter Railway in 1861.
*  He worked as a labourer on 25th December 1864.  Marriage of his son John.
*  Living: 1871, Allesford, Hillfarance, Wellington, Somerset. 
*  He worked as an agricultural labourer in 1871.
*  He worked as a labourer on the 11th May 1875.  Marriage of daughter Mary Emma.
*  Living: 1881, Hillfarrance, Wellington, Somerset. 
*  He worked as an agricultural labourer in 1881.
*  He worked as a Labourer on the 2nd September 1888.  Marriage of daughter Elizabeth.
*  Living: 1891, Canal Cottage, Oake, Hillfarrance, Somerset. 
*  He worked as an agricultural labourer in 1891.
William married Jane and children from this marriage were:
i.    Mary Jane Andrews – (Dec 1840 – 1843)          
ii.   John Andrews – (1843 – 15/10/1922)
iii.   Sarah Ann Andrews – (1846 – 1933)
iv.   George Andrews – (1852 – March 1927)
v.    James Andrews – (1857 - )
vi.   Mary Emma Andrews – (1857 – 1903)
vii.  William J Andrews – (1859 – )
viii.  Eliza Andrews – (1863 - )
ix.   Jane Andrews – (2/2/1865 – Dec 1953)
x.    Elizabeth Andrews – (1865 - 1908)

Jane Woodhoust                                            end of lineage

It is believed that Jane was born on the 9th of September 1821 in Kent and it is known that she died after 1901.  However, it has not been possible to confirm this.  These details have come from other Ancestry trees.
Jane’s surname is possibly Woodhouse.
Noted events in her life were:
*  Living: 1851, Stoke Canon, Devon. 
*  Living: 1861, Sampford Peverell, Devon.
*  Living: 1881, Hillfarrance, Wellington, Somerset. 
*  Living: 1891, Canal Cottage, Oake, Hillfarrance, Somerset. 
*  Living: 1901, Burton Place, Wilton, Taunton, Somerset.


6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation  
3rd Great Grandparents 4th Great Grandparents 5th Great Grandparents  
    David Andrews (1756 - 14/3/1824)  
  Thomas Andrews (1789 - )    
    Jane Bennet (1755 - 7/9/1817)  
William Andrews (1818 - Before 1901)      
  Mary Lee* (1791 - Before 1861)    
Jane Woodhoust* (9/9/1821 - After 1901)