This is the family tree of my father Dudley John Andrews who was born on the 28th of May 1929 and died on the 18th of April 2010 at the age of 80.

Family relationships within the tree are with regards to myself, Stephen Andrews.

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Tenth Generation (7th Great Grand Parents)

Thomas Andrews & Mary Vinnicomb

David Andrews (1721 – 1783)
David Andrews (1756 – 1824)
Thomas Andrews (1789 – )
William Andrews (1818 – )
John Andrews (1843 – 1922)
John Andrews (1883 – 1942)
John Henry Andrews (1907 – 1971)
Dudley John Andrews (1929 – 2010)
Stephen Michael Andrews (1959 – )
Charles II (1660 – 1685)                               House of Stuart (1603 - 1714)
James II (1685 – 1688)
William III (1689 – 1702)  Mary II (1689 – 1694)
Anne (1702 – 1714)                                      Act of Union on the 1st of May 1707
George I (1714 – 1727)                                House of Hanover (1714 - 1901)
George II (1727 – 1760)
Thomas Andrews
Thomas is the son of Christopher Andrews and was born in 1680 in Morchard Bishop in Devon.  He died on the 19th of March 1749 in Morchard, at the age of 69.  It is possible that the year of his death is 1750.
In this year, 1680;
  • 29th December, William Howard, the earl of Stafford, who was imprisoned after the ‘popish plot’, is executed.
On the 5th of November 1705, 25 year-old Thomas married 25 year-old Mary Vinnicomb in Morchard.
Six weeks later on the 16th of December 1705, Thomas and Mary baptised their first child, Elizabeth in Morchard.  It isn’t known if Elizabeth was born before Thomas and Mary’s wedding.  Just over two years later the couple baptised a second daughter, Mary on the 27th of February in Morchard.

The next child that can be traced is another daughter, Honour who was baptised on the 2nd of October 1715 in Morchard.

The last child to be traced is David, who was christened on the 11th of February 1721 once again in Morchard.  It is likely that the couple had more children but at present only four can be traced.

Unfortunately it appears that 65 year-old Mary died before she saw any of her children getting married, as she passed away on the 26th of May 1741 in Morchard.

The following year on the 2nd of October 1742 their daughter, Mary married Thomas Searle in Alphington in Devon.  Alphington is about 16 miles south of Morchard Bishop and is today a suburb in the south of the city of Exeter.

On the 16th of September 1743 their daughter, 28 year-old Honour married 29 year-old William Pike, a weaver, in the grand surroundings of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Exeter.  William was from Buckland Monachorum, some forty miles west of Morchard Bishop, across Dartmoor.

The following year on the 14th of August 1744 their son, 23 year -old David married 27 year-old Thomasin Glasse in Morchard.

Five years later on the 19th of March 1749 Thomas passed away in Morchard Bishop at the age of 69.

Children from this marriage were:

i.    Elizabeth Andrews – (1705 – )

ii.   Mary Andrews – (1708 – )

iii.  Honour Andrews – (1715 – 13/3/1796)

iv. David Andrews – (1722 – 22/6/1783)

Mary Vinnicomb
Mary is the daughter of John Vinnicomb and Joanne Godfree and was born in 1676 in Crediton in Devon.  She was baptised on the 12th of November 1676 in Crediton.  Mary on the 26th of May 1741 in Morchard Bishop at the age of 65.
Crediton is about six miles south of Morchard Bishop.
In this year, 1676;
  • 18th February, Isaac Newton observes to Robert Hooke that "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants";
  • The Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, is completed.

The Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Exeter

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10th Generation 11th Generation 12th Generation  
7th Great Grandparents 8th Great Grandparents 9th Great Grandparents  
  Christopher Andrews* (27/10/1664 - )    
Thomas Andrews (1680 - 19/3/1749)      
    Arthur Vinnicomb (1612 - )  
  John Vinnicomb (1649 - )    
    Joane Lendon* (1617 - )  
Mary Vinnicomb (1676 - 26/5/1741)      

Joane Godfree* (1650 - )