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We have been selling our range of toys, games and collectable items to customers  at  Sci-fi events and conventions for over 10 years.  

More recently we have begun to concentrate on our range of film and television / Sci-fi  themed T-shirts.

We also sell  a varied selection of fantasy art including 3D and some 5D prints by renowned artists such as Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker and Victoria Francis.

We have a great selection of pendants by Alchemy, Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker and you can find them under the Jewellery section on our Shopping page.

At the shows we usually have a variety of reasonably priced pendants themed on films and TV. These are only available at the events and not on the website.

This website has been up and running for a few years now and, of course, we sell directly from here too.

We try to keep the site updated  so that the latest products and news of coming events are  available as soon as possible.

For the benefit of those who have not yet met us - "we" consists of myself, Anne, and my husband Steve and we are based in Nottingham.

We had a small shop in The Buttermarket in Newark -on-Trent from  April 2008  to  the end of January 2016 but decided to close it and concentrate on taking our stock to events.

Please click EVENTS DATES to go to our page detailing the shows where we will be trading.


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We do not retain personal information.  The only information gathered is via PayPal for delivery purposes.  Customers delivery addresses are kept for one month, in case of queries, after that they are deleted.

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